[DCN-TechOps] ARIN Legacy RSA

Russ Hobby rdhobby at ucdavis.edu
Thu Nov 1 17:57:04 PDT 2007

At 05:37 PM 11/1/2007, Jim Frame wrote:
>At this point I can't see any significant advantage to releasing any of
>our address space.  The financial impact of retaining the entire Class B
>block appears to be minimal, so my inclination is to maintain the status

I certainly agree that keeping the address space is in the best 
interests of DCN.

Something else that DCN should start thinking about is getting some 
IPv6 space.  This should be upstream provider independent address 
space so that maximum flexibility is maintained.  Not that this has 
to be done right away, but some discussion on it could be 
started.  The rest of the world is ahead of the US in IPv6, mainly 
because the US has so much IPv4 address space, but we will be coming 
to the point not too far down the road where the rest of the world 
will insist that it be IPv6.


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