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About this listserver The Daily Bulletin is made up of announcements intended for students. Besides broadcasted via the PA system, read or posted in class, they are also posted at the school's office, library, and the website. Students are encouraged to be resourceful and to keep themselves informed.

Parents often find the Daily Bulletin informative too. Subscribers to this listserver will receive them directly via e-mail, usually in the afternoon of the preceding school day.

Subscription is open to all Davis high school families and requires email address confirmation. The list of subscribers can be viewed by the list administrators but not the subscribers. This is an announcement-only listserver.

To learn more about the "Daily Bulletin" or how to submit announcements intended for DHS students, click here. Other DHS listservers also available.
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How to use
Subscribers will automatically receive the daily bulletin via email, usually sent out by the DHS secretary in the afternoon of the preceding school day. For questions about this listserver, please contact dhsbulletin-owner@velocipede.dcn.davis.ca.us.

Archives: To see the collection of prior postings, visit the Bulletin Archives.
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